Today, it is important to underline how much the world has changed. Change is pushing the planet into the digital age. Everything is now interlinked, all areas are becoming interdependent as a result of this change.

The link between agriculture, food and the environment

The field of agriculture has undergone a great revolution, especially on the material side. Indeed, in view of recent advances in science, several new tools are in the running for the field of agriculture. These are equipped with the artificial intelligence that we find today in all fields. The tools in question are precise and interlinked thanks to the wireless networks now available on these tools. They are becoming very precise in terms of use, as long as they do not overuse or underuse, regardless of the framework of intervention, such as water rationing, for example, or the amount of chemicals contained in pesticides that pose a risk to food. To put it plainly, if these three areas have always been linked together, they are even more so today thanks to new technologies.

The impact of agriculture on food and the environment

These three areas have always been linked, but today there is a much more dangerous link between them. This is the health risk to the people of the world. Indeed, modern agriculture is a huge driver of pollution, as the tools used are made up of polluting elements, leading to the permanent degradation of the environment. This could lead to the disappearance of all forms of life if we are not careful. On the other hand, there is the risk of microbial infection that could be carried by the harvests and cause a global epidemic in the context of globalization and thus the distribution of crops worldwide. In addition, there is the effect of chemicals on each individual, which is causing a major health failure in the population. While agriculture, food and the environment have always had a benign link, today it is the threat of endangering humanity if we are not careful that links them.

The Agro Institute, the higher institution for agriculture, food and the environment

The national educational institution for agriculture, food and the environment will aim to train engineers and researchers to prepare them to enter the era of agro-ecology. It is linked and affiliated to several agricultural institutes in France, but its main objective remains the agro-ecological transition.