Nowadays, the world is heading towards new revolutions. Whether it's a technical, medical or cultural revolution, human beings easily adopt them. To date, many of the technical evolutions that scientists have brought into the lives of human beings are still in progress. Yet many of them degrade man and his environment. The air is polluted by the fumes from car exhausts, water by the waste from large factories, and man is sick because of the consumption of many chemicals and also the use of chemical inputs. This is why the consumption of organic products is highly publicized.

Traditional agriculture

For some time now, traditional agriculture has been back on track, because nothing is better than eating natural food that is full of benefits. Organic and peasant agriculture is a technique used for ecosystem management and also to control the life cycle of domestic species. Traditional agriculture refers to the know-how and activities aimed at working the land without the use of new industrial techniques and also chemical inputs. Traditional agriculture is the most tamed to give you organic food without any inputs. The use of traditional techniques consists in using ancient cultivation techniques such as the use of shovels and also other traditional materials as well as other techniques and secrets of the greatest peasants to have a very favourable harvest.

What is organic agriculture?

Organic and peasant agriculture is derived from traditional agriculture. Eating organic products is more natural and allows to keep the balance of human health. Organic agriculture is a method of cultivating and using land without the use of chemicals, which have been used in industrial and intensive agriculture since the revolution in industry, technology and other scientific advances. Fertilization of the land must be done by other methods than the use of inputs - this is what organic farming is all about. Organic agriculture always marries with peasant agriculture to give you a little more satisfaction.

Peasant agriculture: respect for the environment and nature

Organic farming is one of the methods that ensure good production and is also purely natural and organic. Through peasant agriculture, organic farming is asserting itself. It is a good way to respect the environment and also to maintain the quality of the products. This type of agriculture is often considered as family farming. It plays an important role in food. Nowadays, agro-ecology is asserting itself in peasant agriculture. It relies on the protection of the environment and the establishment of natural order by avoiding the use of machines that pollute the world. Organic and peasant agriculture is a good way to have a good organic and natural production. This organic and peasant agriculture is one of the images of traditional agriculture with its natural advantages.